Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Drive Through Tetanus Shots

Pray for Kim who is taking over as the head of the clinical operations this morning. She had an awesome mentor in Heather who is from Church on the Way in CA. Heather had to leave this morning but did a great job teaching Kim the basics of running a drive through medical clinic.

And that is literally what it is. the picture to the left cannot do justice to what these teams are doing. When I managed to get out of the office yesterday, I stopped by the distribution center and saw National Guardsmen handing out water and MREs - which is all they are "authorized" to distribute, and then moving them down the line to where our volunteers were assisting with medical needs (literally reaching into cars to give tetanus shots, check vitals, etc; and then moving down for additional personal or food needs (diapers, paper items, juice, the plums stephanie mentioned) and then moving on down the line for prayer and just the chance to tell their story to our resident social workers - Susan and Stephanie).

And some of these people had just come back from going home and learning that their is no home for them in the traditional sense of the word. But time after time we heard people thankful to God that their lives and their families had been spared - AND NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON REFUSED PRAYER!!!!!!! I think that is awesome.


At 3:09 PM, Blogger Patti Carrington said...

Our prayers are with all of you - always. Kim, we are so proud of you. What an awesome experience - Marilyn, Connie, Carol, Karen and I always talk about the "God things" in our lives. With your education, training, spirit - and a great mentor, having the time to be a part of this mission - and the desire to help, too, . . . this has to be one of those "God things".
Take care, each of you. Watch out for our little girl, Kim - I know she's watching out for everyone, too.
What a mission - and what a group. You are all awesome - and God is an awesome God.

with love and prayers,
Patti Carrington


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