Monday, September 19, 2005

It's the Little Things

Last night we went out to a local park and prepared food for 400+ MPs, police, firefighters, EMS - basically all the guys who have been in the trenches day in and day out - and what a privilege it was to serve them. The stories they share are remarkable and no doubt these last three weeks and the weeks ahead are sure to change their lives forever in both good and bad ways.

I met an MP by the name of Nelson who lives in Baton Rouge and was one of the ONLY 89 armed guardsmen in the Superdome for about 5 days trying to maintain peace in an unairconditioned building holding 25,000 people. The way he explained it was, "I was in Afghanistan for 263 days....and that was nothing compared to what I saw in here."

What affected him the most was the number of people who "turned bad" as he put it. There was a lot of good from people, he said, but unfortunately, what they saw was more of the bad. And I think he summed it up well when he said "You and I get our worth from bigger things; these people get their worth from what they have and that's why we saw the shoes and the TVs and the "cool" stuff getting looted.

He offered to take some of us into downtown NO in a Hummer - I told Josh and his eyes got big as plates so we may try to do that in a few days.

Susan spoke at length with a soldier as well and was so touched by his story that she grabbed the Mayor of Gretna when he walked by (all the local big whigs were there) and told him that God had laid it on her heart that it was just not fair that those 89 men had been at this day in and day out for the last 3 weeks and hadn't had anytime off. And when he nodded his head and told her he agreed and wished there was something he could do, she looked him straight in the eye and said "Well you're the mayor, you need to do all that you can to let these guys get home (they all live within 3 hours of here)." She also told him where we were staying and that we were leaving on Friday and she expected an update from him. GO SUSAN!!!

Josh Capps was right at home cooking up a storm on the grills - bbq chicken, ribs, burgers, cajun sausage, deer sausage (actually quite yummy), brats, kielbasa, hotdogs, ham.......and this boy can cook. (that's him in the visor - Jim and Debbie's son for some of you newer folks)

And our own Youth Pastor Josh Smith cooked up the BIGGEST pot of beans you have ever seen. He and Rick (his father in law) worked those beans all day and boy were they good.

God continues to be faithful - giving us all the strenth and fortitude we need in this heat and constant movement. For the guys out in the field, there is never a moment of rest and yet they come back, get something to eat, get cooled off and offer to help out for the next need.

Jesus said, . . . "Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men." —Mark 1:17


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