Sunday, September 18, 2005

Returning Home

Today was the first day that many of the parish towns have been reopened to residents. Kim, Susan, Adrienne, Joe, James, Rob and I were dispatched with the medical team to work with the National Guard in distributing food, medical care, and plums. Yes, plums - from heaven came boxes and boxes and boxes of plums just dropped off this am. People were so excited to have fresh fruit to accompany their water and MREs as fruit/vegetables have been impossible to snag.

Even though the line of cars moves quickly, we asked drivers how they were doing and found many who had just discovered that their houses and/or all their belongings were gone. Nobody refused prayer or a hug and it was a wonderful opportunity to assure people of God's faithfulness and His provision.

Please keep praying for us - we serve an awesome God.


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