Saturday, September 17, 2005


Hey everyone. We are safe and sound in Gretna. Plane rides were uneventful, we ate at a great local restaurant right outside LSU (see pic), made our way here after much travel time, a few rainstorms and some bathroom breaks. And tonight were welcomed with a dinner of fajitas, pico de gallo and rice on the riverfront of the Mississippi River overlooking downtown New Orleans. After dinner we had a debriefing time and people who have been here all week shared amazing stories of the lives they had touched and also how God had allowed them to see His hand in all that is going on here. From a former heroin addict who was released from jail the day before the storm and prayed the sinner's prayer today, to a radio station being set up on a ship named HOPE (no kidding) broadcasting Christian music and reading scripture over the radio to a 30 mile radius).

Tomorrow after church we are heading out to a park to feed 500 police officers dinner. Sure to be a busy day.


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