Thursday, January 19, 2006

We've been having too much fun!

Our team has had an exciting and blessed week. It has been amazing to be able to see first hand the work of God. Never again will we be able to wonder if God will provide in any situation; we have heard many stories and been apart of a few ourselves that has opened our eyes and brought our faith to a whole new level.
We have spent our days at Cheryl King's house. She is one of the many who lost everything but the clothes on her back. Cheryl is a single mom of three boys (all in their 20's) who lived in the, as she calls it, "projects" for their childhood while working a fast food job. About 18 months ago she bought her first house and after Katrina came through it was filled with five feet of water throughout. The insurance company only gave her forty five hundred dollars for a new front and rear door and carpet in the house. She looked the insurance guy in the eye and said "Thanks for the money for those things and God will provide the rest."
When we arrived, her house had been gutted and new dry wall was installed. Our contribution has been painting the ceilings and walls; scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen tile; installing eight new doors; finishing her electrical; yard clean up and we are hoping to lay lament floors tomorrow. We have all had the best time working on her house, hanging out with all of our new friends from Ohio, Oregon, and Seattle and talking with all of those affected by the storm.
Cheryl is one we have fell in love with. She is extremely thankful, a great woman of God and just a joy to be around. She has been like a kid on Christmas every day rushing home from work to see the progress we have made. She comes by the church each night to thank us and tell us what a wonderful job we've done.


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